Ser Ilyn Payne

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Ser Ilyn Payne is a character from A Song Of Ice And Fire / Game of Thrones. He serves as the King’s Justice, or the royal executioner of the Seven Kingdoms. He’s played by Wilko Johnson.

17.07.2013  · I always wondered what Ilyn Payne’s actual ability with a sword is. I mean, we are talking about a knight trained since childhood, who commanded Tywin’s guard back at the time. -Tywin is well known for not surrounding himself with buffoons – at least not when it counts, and certainly not when we consider warfare matters.

Good news for Ilyn Payne fans — according to BCC News, Game Of Thrones actor Wilko Johnson, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2012, is finally on the road to recovery.

Jun 7, 2013 – Ser Ilyn Payne is a knight from House Payne. He serves as the King’s Justice, the royal executioner, for King Robert I Baratheon. Ilyn is a cousin to Podrick Payne.[1][2] In the television adaptation Game of Thrones he is portrayed by Wilko Johnson.

16.08.2010  · Marshalling: Kneel Ser Ilyn Payne to choose and kill a character with STR 2 or lower. Flavor Text: Lords and knights moved aside as he stepped through, tall and fleshless, a skeleton in iron mail, the King’s Justice.

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Ser Ilyn Payn köpft Lord Eddard Stark auf den Stufen der Großen Septe von Baelor. Band 4 – Die Saat des goldenen Löwen Bearbeiten. In der Schlacht am Schwarzwasser bliebt Ser Ilyn bei Königin Cersei Lennister um sie im Falle einer Niederlage nicht lebendig in Stannis Baratheons Hände fallen zu lassen.

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08.10.2012  · Hello, i would like to ask if i am the first player and i just played ser ilyn payne, can i wait until my opponent (2nd player) marshalled before i use ser ilyn ability to kill of one of his newly played str2 or less characters? i assume that it

20.06.2013  · I really just have to say that one of my favorite relationships in the books has to be with Jaime and Ilyn Payne. I think its awesome that Jaime actually has a person he can confess to without having to worry about being betrayed and Ilyn Payne having an agenda. I also somewhat think that he will.